Energy Club

So I took a bit of time to beef up my FB audience.  It just so happened that i got  an invite to a group for Energy Club.  Of course what else was i going to do… Check it the fuck out, Right?

Located on a sim called “Energy” which can be found here.  In one of the buildings located on the sim can be found Energy Club.  When you first walk in, it looks like run down hipster decor with odd and ends in a concrete building. Don’t let that shit fool you though.  Toggle the stream and listen to live mix DJs take control of your experience.

Now upon entering i did notice all the people in the place.  I’m not
talking like 5 or 10.  I’m pretty sure it was close 30 or so nicely put together avatars shaking asses to what the DJ had going on.  Didn’t see the typical newbs standing about or running into each other.  There is a good chance i could see my self here more often.  The vibes were awesome.  The chat was moving.  The tips were flying and people were having a great time.  The cliques or prides of people gathered up on someones dance hud moving the curves to the music was astounding.

Hosts were on the money with everyone who entered, Keeping the conversation flowing and just the right amount of club promos through the set.  Good hosts + Good DJs + Good Management = Good Club.

Def not a clean looking club by any means but it has that underground, “we took over your warehouse” kinda feel to it.

This alone for the atmosphere is worth taking the time to check out.

Club Owner :Lucious Lyon (datrip.blackbart)


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