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DJane Karole Batista

It’s been a busy day here at RageReview.  Lots of great things happening and one of those is DJane Karole Batista.

I had the pleasure of joining her at one of her sets.  Lets just say i was extremely entertained.  Live mixing from Europe, she put out one of the best sets I have heard in a long time.  I have listened to alot of DJs on Second Life and its been awhile since I have been caught off guard by a live mix DJ.  Playing with SAM Broadcaster is fine and all and those DJs will always have a place on SL but sometimes you hear things that are just beautiful to the ears.

On her Numark Mix Track Pro she made her set really into a live mix.  Now lets be pretty honest here!! Lots of people out there spin like this.  Some do it better than others.  Some say its easy but deep down inside we all know its not all 128 bpm and to make it weave perfectly together takes some practice! This DJane did just that!  Admitting she had a few flaws in her set, she wasn’t exactly happy about it.  The rest of us would have never of noticed them.

I had a chance to interview her and really have a nice chat.

-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): I saw your profile, Have an impressive resume of places you have worked. what made you decide to Start DJing in 2011
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well i was hosting at this time and i was curious so i did learn alone first with vfj program then i buy a numarks and i did enjoy 🙂
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i am a passionnate of music and talking meeting new people too 🙂
Karole Batista (karole.batista): awwww heheheheh not easy to do both same time
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): What kind of equipment do you use now to DJ?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): numark mixpro
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): You use Serato with it or VDJ?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): vdj i am use of this program 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): thats the same setup i use.. thats pretty awesome. Nothing over the top but lets you do what you need to!
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): what Genre do you enjoy mixing the most?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): awwww i am blonde sometimes heehehhe
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well depend my mood i love trance music, techno , house and i dicover recently future house and melbourne bounce so i start to make sets with the 2 latest ones
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): thats awesome. I like to do modern pop and make mashups. Im horried about experimenting in the middle of a set too.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahahahah
Karole Batista (karole.batista): nice:)
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Do you have a pretty good following. i would think after 6 years you would have alot of people who come like to listen to you.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well i did have more but as i stopped djs everywhere people stop coming for a part
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hard to have and keep followers
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i know that feeling i just started again here recently.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): sometimes people need a break
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): have you been part of the SL club scene the whole time you have been on SL?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): but i have some usually i have 20 people in my sets but before was up to 50
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): its awesome to hit the sim limit!
Karole Batista (karole.batista): oh yes i did spinn everywhere
Karole Batista (karole.batista): yes:) lol
Karole Batista (karole.batista): except beachwood and woods
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): has someone shown you how to DJ or did you learn on your own?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i learned alone
Karole Batista (karole.batista): with youtube
Karole Batista (karole.batista): and practising a lot
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): lots of nights with youtube!
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i know that feeling as well.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i did practise something like 8h /days
Karole Batista (karole.batista): until i succeed
Karole Batista (karole.batista): took 2 years to be very very ok
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): I sit here alot and practice. I should be doing something else and then i end of doing DJ stuff instead.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): heheheheheheh i know the meaning
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): have you ever branched off into rock clubs or places like that?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): oh well i did tried house of V they asked me if i can play there so whynot but playing rock not my style because i like mixing tunes not put a song wait and go to another
Karole Batista (karole.batista): this is boring for me
Karole Batista (karole.batista): so i not play rock no
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i know the feeling!
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Maybe try mixing some rock.. its fun to try.. some 80s hit with a dance beat.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): LOL just dont be like me and mix in the middle a set if you havent tried the song selection before.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): how much time a week do you spend preparing for your sets?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): whahahahha
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well for a set of 2h like the one i start tonight took me 4 h to search songs and start to mix them
Karole Batista (karole.batista): but tonight was to took my landmarks on songs
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): thats not bad at all.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): trance set are very very difficult
Karole Batista (karole.batista): haaaa ty 🙂
Karole Batista (karole.batista): somemistakes i did hear me
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahahha
Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): sounded awesome to me.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): took much time for a trance set
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): the clips i have are very clean.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): ty benji well for me i was not happy hehhehe
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): transitions very smooth.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): ty:))
Karole Batista (karole.batista): some failed :))
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): welcome.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): they weren’t noticeable
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i am very picky hehehe
Karole Batista (karole.batista): uffff tyyyyyyyyyy :)) i am glad then
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): ever done a set without preparing?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): yes tonight hahahahaha
Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): LOL
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): some of those are the most fun
Karole Batista (karole.batista): never before i always prepared my set like a crazy girl
Karole Batista (karole.batista): yes finally took me less time
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahahahaah
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i like the perfection

Karole Batista (karole.batista): so not preparing for me you cannot attempt to be perfecct
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): do you have a favorite method for mixing?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): so not preparing for me you cannot attempt to be perfecct
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well idk i do on my own as i feel the things
Karole Batista (karole.batista): sometimes did not fit hehehehhe this is why i like preparing before
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): thats a good way to put it. Depends on the songs.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): sure 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): How long do you think you will continue to DJ in SL?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): if i stop i am dead :))
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahahahaha
Karole Batista (karole.batista): it is a drug 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i know the feeling
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): it is
Karole Batista (karole.batista): so can’t stop
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): hear a song during the day and think what can i mix that with?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): oh i did for a part i was djing everyday before running from clubs to clubs this have killed me now i have only 2 sets per weeks and events
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahahaha alwaysssssss
Karole Batista (karole.batista): cant stop thinking oh i can mix this with this
Karole Batista (karole.batista): so i go and try 🙂
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i created so many mashups
Karole Batista (karole.batista): but sound cloud removed a lot for copyrights infrigment so now i keep them for me
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): yeah they have done that alot lately. cracking down.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): you ever think about upgrading the equipment that you use?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well i never never download music from youtube or others i bought my music
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i wish i can buy a pionner but cost too much for me
Karole Batista (karole.batista): it s my dream
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i had a pioneer once. mine broke after a few months. then i stopped DJing for a number a years and then picked up again here in the last year.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): wow nice
Karole Batista (karole.batista): a question come : is it like bicycle? you never forgot?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): or you did learn again?
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): well the basics stick.. learning where everything is on a new controller is a lil new but you get there..
Karole Batista (karole.batista): ok:)
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): then the mixtrackpro has the pad mode button and changing what the pads do.. took me awhile to remember when to use it LOL
Karole Batista (karole.batista): it is like viewer people don’t like to change
Karole Batista (karole.batista): hahahaah
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): that is true
Karole Batista (karole.batista): haaaa yes:)
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): now that im use to this one i will use it til it stops as well
Karole Batista (karole.batista): you have mixtrack pro?
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): yes
Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): its actually simple to use and more compact
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): nothing over the top but lets me have a good control. I dont scratch often and it wasnt really made for it. so for me it suits me perfect
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i was looking at this too it is in my wishing list:)
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): ever thought of using Traktor?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): no
Karole Batista (karole.batista): don’t know why
Karole Batista (karole.batista): ahhahahah
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i did hear many dj complaining maybe
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): lol i thought of it but i guess if i DJ everynight or even in RL then it would be worth it but for what i do now maybe not.
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i know alot that use it and love it.
Karole Batista (karole.batista): yes
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): whats a good memory from DJing that you would be willing to share?
Karole Batista (karole.batista): mmmmm let me think
Karole Batista (karole.batista): my best time as dj was in pacha club
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i had really awesome times there
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): what made it so special
Karole Batista (karole.batista): i didn’t spoke spanish but i had always feeling like a home there
Karole Batista (karole.batista): the people
Karole Batista (karole.batista): the staff
Karole Batista (karole.batista): very important
Karole Batista (karole.batista): and the crew
Karole Batista (karole.batista): never meet this in all sl after
Karole Batista (karole.batista): people go in club stand there like they look a tv
Karole Batista (karole.batista): spanish people are very friendly and are great party people
Karole Batista (karole.batista): they did make me feel good 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Thats awesome maybe i will try spinning a set at a spanish club!
Karole Batista (karole.batista): oh you have too
Karole Batista (karole.batista): this is totally different than english clubs
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i will for sure one day!
Karole Batista (karole.batista): or even french club
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): so whats your DJ schedule look like so i can post it on the review
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): o0o french club i will try
Karole Batista (karole.batista): well now i did have only 2 perms slot/week : one for soho the other for Ministry of Trance . I am cover for energy club, hilt club, pacha club. and i am dj manager here for soho club this make me very happy 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Thats awesome!
Karole Batista (karole.batista): ty 🙂
-Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): what times at Soho and Ministry of Trance do you work and what days!
Karole Batista (karole.batista): tuesday 2/4pm soho & Friday 2/4pm for ministry of trance

I would have to say i think DJ Karole has to be one of my top 5 live mix DJs on the grid!

Swing by SoHo or Ministry of Trance and check her out!!

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