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Well, Hello again everyone, Today we will be talking very little about a place called

Moonlight Bayz

Can be found HERE

Was an interesting little place.  Reason we will be calling it interesting is because that’s what it was.

First off i did not get a chance to have the wife make a video nor did i get a chance to take a lot of photos of the place so we will display those first.


Ok so now that is done. Let me tell you a bit about this place.

Its small.  Has kind of a low ceiling for a club, Makes it kinda hard to cam around in.

Something kinda .. erm Neat about the place that is still a Prim building, Built by the owner himself.

Curious fellow he was for sure.  You can check the interview with him out down below.

So first impressions as i landed in the place.  No one was there, Just the owner.  That’s always a good sign to see the owner or Management at these places.  No DJ or other interesting happenings going on though.  He asked me when i landed if i needed an application.  So good news this place is hiring!  If you want to break out that old system body and slap some mesh clothes on and body parts sticking through because you can’t alpha it, then this is the right fit for you!!

Now dont get me wrong, nothing wrong with building in prim.  You can find amazing textures that are materials enabled that do wonders for a prim building.  All in all this was not the case here.

It was packed with bloodlines items as well as annoying chat games, like Word Scramble v1.40 that popped up in chat every other moment.  Dance balls and skulls.  Not very big, It would get crowded pretty fast if it did get a few people on the dance floor.

Normally I wouldnt even do a review on a place like this.  Would normally ask that they wait and build some traffic and maybe upgrade here or there to make it more appealing but they were really wanting it done.  The Manager messaged us on our FaceBook Page to come check it out. I swung by a few times but was unable to catch the owner until I landed in there today. This is the convo we had.

[12:46] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Nice to meet you as well im Benji, Im the owner of
[12:46] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): got time for a couple of questions?
[12:46] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): yeah
[12:46] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage) whispers: How long have you all been up and running?
[12:46] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): sorry didnt mean for it to whisper
[12:47] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): about a year or two
[12:47] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): this is a custom made club
[12:48] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): trust me this is not my first rodeo
[12:49] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): in the past i have had the wrong staff cause me to shut my club down due to stress
[12:49] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): From your profile seems like you are a busy man. Have an MC and also a bloodlines clan. You seem to have made time to run a club as well, You all use the club as a MC friendly place and bloodlines friendly place?
[12:50] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): i have no mc
[12:50] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): The Vest you are wearing is for your bloodlines group then?
[12:51] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): my bloodlines cland isn’t very big
[12:51] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): that probably helps keep the drama to a small amount.
[12:51] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): yes my bloodlines group and club
[12:52] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): seen some rather large groups have issues because of to many members.
[12:52] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): What do you look for in Staff when you are hiring?
[12:53] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): i look for staff that want to do there shift and not just say they will work
[12:54] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Thats always helpful. Whats the clubs the schedule. Days and times its open?
[12:55] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): im always open
[12:55] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): and always here usually
[12:55] Word Scramble v1.40: The correct answer was: protean
[12:55] Word Scramble v1.40: Can you guess the word? ityso bre
[12:56] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): my dj manager has started even paying the staff 600L every to weeks
[12:56] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): so at least were trying
[12:57] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): It takes time now days to build a good following, With so many places popping up, what do you think makes Moonlight Bayz stand out?
[12:58] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): the fact that that MoonLight Bayz building isnt even on the market is the first thing
[12:59] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): and second were respect our staff until they cross us
[13:00] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): how long did it take you to make this place?
[13:01] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): 20 mins
[13:01] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): ever thought of building in mesh?
[13:01] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): no
[13:02] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): my wife does the mesh building
[13:02] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): i tried building in mesh, then i lose my patience
[13:02] DJ Hïţɱąη Ģŗąђąɱ Wєšţßąÿ (hitman00211): ok thats enough questions ty for coming
[13:03] Second Life: hitman00211 Resident ejected and banned you from this land.

And well that’s it.

Interesting right?  People skills maybe a little lacking but other then that it seems like a down ass place.. erm.. no.

So not one of my Favorite places on SL, nor would i recommend anyone going there.

Best of luck to them and hope they figure some stuff out before moving on in there secondlife to bigger and worse things!

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  • Hash

    With an attitude like that the place will never go anywhere. Sad to say but theres seems to be a big trend with people wanting to just claim they own a club but put no effort into it. Another great review Benji. Keep them coming!