Exhale Dance Club

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UPDATED 4/4/2017

Club has had a rebuild  done to it check it out!!

The new build will be dropped 4/7/2017!!!!

Owners – ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1),   Ϯ ҲĄҚҚ ŠҚĄԼԼ Ϯ (xakk.skall),  DJ Bean (beanstatus)

This one should be as simple as 2+2=4 buts its not!

This is one of my FAVORITE clubs on SL. For lots of reasons to boot.

So lets get the Bias out of the way before we go on with anything else.   Yes i know one of the owners of Exhale. Toxic Candy and i have been friends for a long time now. We have worked together before at another club. I also was one of headliners in the grand opening of Exhale(which i killed that set Just Saying!). That’s not why I am writing this review though.  I was hesitant to even review the place because of it, but that just wouldn’t be fair.  This is one of those places everyone should take a moment to stop and take a look at!

  Her and the other owners deserve all the success they get from the clubs they own. They have worked hard and put the time and money into making them successful!

            Starting with the feeling of the club itself.  So its my understanding one of the owners just had to have the purple.  He who shall be left nameless nailed it!  You walk in and drop at the landing point.  You aren’t overburdened with huge amounts of advertisements.  The Vibe it has automatically grabs you and think to yourself “this is going to be a bad ass club or there are gonna be a shit ton of strippers on poles down there!”. Well the ladder is not the case at all.  You turn your avi and walk down to a flight of stairs that then branch off to opposite sides of the club.  The view though from the first landing is outstanding. You can see the whole club from where you are at.   Both side areas that all the cool kids seem to dance at. Then down in front of you is a glass floor with club logo looking back at you with smoke pouring out from underneath it! The stage is set in front of that.  Up high enough you could never block out the entertainment that is taking place at the DJ booth or side stages where the host are in a constant engagement with the crowd.  They are on top of it.

Now this is probably no surprise to anyone, but this place has 24hr staff!  Some of the hottest DJs on the grid spin here.  Exhale is not lacking in the talent area at all.  All three owners are accomplished DJs along with a slew of other big names that go along with the club scene through out second life!

Staff here is well taken care of.  Of course tips are awesome and that’s what most of us work for in world when we take a set, DJs and Hosts alike.  Have you ever seen in a staff chat a manager tell someone to not work so hard? Ask them to not working anymore shifts that day so they don’t burn them selves out?  Most clubs i have worked for, if they needed a fill they would hammer people til they got it made.  They would ask constantly to anyone who was online if you were in the staff chat or not.  Exhale is not so much like that.  Most times if they ask for a fill, there is enough staff that people are happy to pop up and take the shift.  Its very surprising to see that happen.  Its an all the time kinda deal to.  Anytime they need a fill someone is there to do it.  Management and Owners work hard to keep a staff together that work well together with as little drama as possible.  For those that do like to catch those fill in shifts, Exhale has a “Rockstar” program in place just for that.  If you want to hear more about it, you will need to head down there put in an application.

VIPs at Exhale are treated well to boot. Tons of events including DJ Battles and other themed events as well.

I got to sit down with Dj Toxic Candy and get a quick interview with her.  Check out what she had to say!

[19:03] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): we doing it on voice or ims
[19:13] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): IMs so i can copy and paste.. duh
[19:14] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): lol okay
[19:14] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): you ready?
[19:14] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): sure
[19:15] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): ok for this interview im not satan.. im just gonna be Benji
[19:15] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): okay satan
[19:15] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): alright so..
[19:15] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): lool
[19:15] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Give me a bit of back ground on your club experience in SL[19:17] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): I started as a host back in 2015 then eventually applied as a Dj with the same club. I have been Dj’n and hosting for what seems life forever.
[19:18] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): How was the experience in SL club life before owning your own club?
[19:21] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): I was a GM at Spinclub and an asst. manager at AEG before starting Exhale Dance Club and since starting our 2nd club Toxicity Rock Club.
[19:22] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): What kind of freedoms did you get from opening your own club?
[19:24] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): Opening your own club allows you to chose your own management team, staff and allows you the freedom to make your own rules. I would say and not answer to anyone but thats not true. I still answer to the other 2 owners, lol.
[19:25] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): what made you really want to open your own place up?
[19:27] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): I was looking to open up a club where I would make sure staff was appreciated and allow a place for VIPS to come to so they could get away from their RL and enjoy awesome music.
[19:28] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): What do you look for in staff when you choose people for the higher positions at Exhale. Managers and Mods and all that good stuff?
[19:32] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): I look for a person who is self motivated, able to work independently and is extremely chill. And most importantly it needs to be a good fit with current management,
[19:33] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): So for that answer im just gonna edit it and put that you need an ADHD person who smokes weed all day and has a touch of OCD? .. LOL JK
[19:33] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): yeah that toooooooo!!
[19:33] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): LOL
[19:33] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): we smoke crack ty
[19:33] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): so whats makes exhale special from all the other clubs on SL?

[19:37] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): Number one thing is I get how important my staff is. I appreciate what they do for the club because I certainly couldn’t do it without them. I also do not like to ban or eject unless it is a last resort. People have bad days and we get it we just try to remind them we are all here to enjoy the music and “exhale the bullshit”.
[19:39] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): I know you have lots of friends that work there and lots of VIPs that have come together from all kinds of places. For the most part they stick around. What do you think it is about the atmosphere?
[19:41] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): We try to be as drama free as we can and hella chill. But more importantly we treat them special because they are special to us.
[19:42] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Well it seems to be working that way! i felt special
[19:42] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): so lets talk about the club decor..
[19:42] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): well r special
[19:42] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): *u
[19:42] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): who came up with the color scheme?
[19:44] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): We originally had 5 owners who all contributed ideas to the design and color scheme. I believe that Dj Bean was whiny one who wanted purple lol.
[19:44] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): LOL
[19:44] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): well it works.
[19:45] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): you walk in and get that club feel to it. Lots of places fall a bit short in that aspect. Exhale i think is one of the best looking Clubs in SL..
[19:46] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): For me when i first walked in the first time, i didnt know if i should expect strippers and dance poles or something else.. after the decks get moving and the people fill it you know exactly what it suppose to be and how to feel.
[19:46] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): Exhale is based off a combination of a few RL clubs.
[19:47] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): are my answers okay so far?
[19:47] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Yeah they are fine
[19:47] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): lol okays
[19:48] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): so whats the next step in the plan for Exhale?
[19:52] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): We are planning a renovation of Exhale in the upcoming months also adding some exiting additions that we are having made custom for the club. We have also been working on a mini mall with some of the best designers in SL. So get ready to see some BIG things to happen soon.
[19:53] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): we will all look forward to seeing that happen.. do i get a sneak peek at the new build?
[19:54] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): OFC you do! But you can’t tell anyone 🙂
[19:55] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): I never do!
[19:55] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): lol
[19:55] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): so you DJ sometimes at your own club. you still enjoy that as much as you use to before owning multiple clubs and all?
[19:58] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): Yes of course I do. I put headphones on and all my problems go away. I can sit back enjoy the music and have a huge party with the VIPS.
[19:59] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Except when you hear your phone going off and cant figure out where the sound is coming from right?
[19:59] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): I mean that kinda thing happens to us all!
[19:59] ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1): lol thats so true.


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