Club Zero

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This is fucking fresh.  Its like walking into an old ballroom or Fancy theater that someone has taken over and setup the real deal in.  You almost feel as if you and your friends are at some underground club that gets set up and moved from place to place and this time it happens they took over some elegant ballroom from the 18th century!

Got a full crowd on the floor moving their hot pixels this way and that way. Chatter going on. DJs tearing up the decks and bass has some fucking kick. One could argue its because of the grand empty ballroom or you can just chalk that one up to a good DJ ripping through the air and letting everyone’s beast into the world.

This is a place that has been around many a times on SL in different forms from what the Manager that we interviewed has said.  Always done very well and right now i can see why.

I must stress that this is one of those must see places in SL. People have taken the time to put this together in such a way that i think anyone looking for that high end club feel but in that underground sort of way has got stop here.


Sugar Falta / Musette Demonia
Luziah Corral
Angelkitty Skizm

Roxanne had a chance to sit with HAZARD(Interviewed: ĦΔZΔRĐ (Hazard Fizzle) – Head DJ) from Club Zero and this is how it went.

[19:02] Hazard Fizzle: Sugar/Muse is the big cheese.
[19:02] Hazard Fizzle: She’s the one who started it all

[19:02] Hazard Fizzle: I’ve been here since the beginning, but I’m just a performing monkey

[19:06] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: ready to get started 🙂
[19:06] ĦΔZΔRĐ: forgot to take off my disco lights
[19:06] ĦΔZΔRĐ: absolutely
[19:07] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: How long has the club been going?
[19:07] ĦΔZΔRĐ: 8 years, in various incarnations. It’s always been Club Zero
[19:07] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: Oh nice, Thats a long time for a club to be going on here in SL.
[19:07] ĦΔZΔRĐ: It is.
[19:07] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: what is your history in sl with the club scene prior to opening your own club

[19:09] ĦΔZΔRĐ: I Djed around a bit. CI. Derailed. Private parties. I heard a new club was opening by some cool people. I went, got hired, and never left.
[19:09] ĦΔZΔRĐ: Before SL I was in pirate broadcast. I’d never done internet broadcasting
[19:10] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ-: CI… Club Industry?
[19:10] ĦΔZΔRĐ: Yes.
[19:10] ĦΔZΔRĐ: For a few weeks
[19:10] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: Oh wow, so this is something that you have been doing for a long time then.
[19:10] ĦΔZΔRĐ: Yes.
[19:10] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ-: I started at that club along time ago on my first Avi
[19:10] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: what do you look for when hiring staff like management. Everyone has something that they need to make a club successfull, what is it you need
[19:10] ĦΔZΔRĐ: It was a fun place. I still have friends I met there.
[19:11] ĦΔZΔRĐ: We need ethical people. Just like everyone. People who put their hearts into their job and know it’s all about having fun.

[19:12] ĦΔZΔRĐ: Staff are all volunteers. You have to treat people well to have them want to stick around.
[19:12] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: This is true.
[19:12] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: And what kind of music does the club normally play there?

[19:14] ĦΔZΔRĐ: We started out Industrial/Goth as it was in the 90s, when most of us were into the swing of RL clubbing. Now, we play all darker genres of music. From Witch House to Deep House and Crusty Punk as well.
[19:15] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: And do you have a club Schedule I can write in my review?

[19:15] ĦΔZΔRĐ: It’s all on
[19:15] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: ok awesome.
[19:15] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: And lastly, is there anything you want the readers to know?
[19:16] ĦΔZΔRĐ: hmm. Thinking about that one.
[19:16] яσxαииє яαgє σf ѕαкυяα: tyt

[19:20] ĦΔZΔRĐ: Club Zero is Re-Evolution. We strive to be a place where DJs get better at their craft and music lovers can come and be themselves. Club Zero is a family. We do what we want and we have fun doing it.

[19:22] ĦΔZΔRĐ: I do something special.
[19:22] ĦΔZΔRĐĦΔZΔRĐ (Hazard Fizzle) smiles
[19:23] ĦΔZΔRĐ: I was speaking as Head DJ. As a DJ I like to break things up. I make sure I break every rule we have where it comes to playing music

[19:23] ĦΔZΔRĐ: No rap or country? I’ll play both.
[19:24] ĦΔZΔRĐ: I have sets I play on Saturday nights that have been going well. Tribal. It’s a mix of dirty synth and world music

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