The Vortex

The Vortex

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So this is something I got myself into while looking for DJs to Review.

DJ Nova commented on Facebook about something or another.  We spoke for a bit and she had a set coming up and I was ready and posed to check it out.  In the midst of talking to her she mentioned she had a club she was going to be opening.   Of course me being me, I was interested to see what this was going to be.  Maybe a week later I get an IM from her.  The build was up and she was working out the fine details. Hiring and kinks in the build and all this good stuff was happening but again I had to see what the build was to see what kinda effort was put into it.  A quick teleport and there I was, standing at the entrance to the club watching it rez.  Upon first look i saw the two wrap around stair cases that led up to the actual club.  Some nicely done art on the walls, of course the giant Facebook follow me sign in the middle.  All very well done and nicely placed.


A moment or two later I had taken a nice stroll up to the club itself.  I have to say.  For the size of the club and what it is, its nicely done.  Beautiful mesh decor and seats.  Lighting and fog aren’t overkill.  Baked textures and shadows were well done.  Someone obviously took some time to set this place up.

DJ Nova hopped up on the DJ booth and clicked the tip jar. The lights came on, smoke started pouring from the dance floor and it was an awesome show for a few moments.

Of course after taking the time to check it out and see what it was about. Talking to DJ Nova herself, I decided I would even toss in an application as well for DJ and see where that leads as well!

This place opens April 7th 2017. Owners birthday, should be one hell of a bash i believe.

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