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So The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club is an interesting place. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer places on the grid but it doesn’t really need them either.  What happens here is very much like magic of sorts.  During club hrs you walk into a place filled with wonderful people.  The atmosphere is contagious in a way that is hard to describe. I guess the best way to describe it is like an old episode of “Cheers”. I don’t know how many people remember that show, its the one with the catch phrase or song that goes “where everyone knows your name”. Its much like that but they don’t have to know you at all to know how to have a good time.  I stopped by the first time at an event.  The club was hopping with people and they were all having good time.

The DJ/Owner was throwing down tunes, the set was loaded with feel good music and popular songs. Even went old school from back when i was in middle school.  Staff was friendly as all get out and even the VIPs welcome you in as if they were on que to do so. Simply amazing. I have preached before about other clubs staffs but to be honest, This place took the cake and was iced with the sweetest of people.  I highly recommend this place to any club goer looking for a relaxed time that has a need to be around amazing people and great conversations.

The Owner MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich) Does an awesome job of keeping her VIPs happy and hanging around for long amounts of time. They come back over and over again and some have been around since the opening of this place back in 2008. LadyD takes alot of time out of her day to do what she loves and keeps up with it. Pure dedication and love for the people who swing by The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club.

It took me a little while to finally catch up with her as our schedules were not matching up(shes a busy woman) but once i did we had an awesome talk about the club and how things go.  Check it out below.

[18:29] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): How long has The Butterfly Effect been open?

[18:30] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club has been open since December 15, 2008

[18:31] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): What would you say has been the hardest part about keeping the club open on SL for so long? Many places fail or never even make it past the first few months so obviously you have something working well for you.

[18:35] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): The hardest part is multitasking not one club like The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club is pairing the DJ and Host while also Managing another club and growing that one. I’ve seen since I started SL almost 9 years this May that folks love to feel welcomed and get involved in themes. It makes it different at each set.

[18:36] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I’ve also incorporated the stores that get involved with sponsorships

[18:38] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Knowing that you are so busy and you do multi task alot, what kind of people do you staff? Do you have managers to help with running the club itself or is that all on your plate?

[18:43] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I do multi task a lot but I have reliable staff that want to work. I do not have managers so I am responsible for both the staffing and advertising of the stores. With so many years experience I do know what I look for in DJs and Hosts and they do have a trial period they must pass.

[18:44] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I do spam 26 groups in FB and 10 in SL while I also advertising in an International Club group to get the word out about the sets.

[18:45] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Of the Daily operations that come with running a club on SL, What would you say is the most important one that you have to worry about?

[18:47] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): The hardest part of the daily operations I’d have to say is entertaining the VIPS and keeping it fresh that they are coming back for more.

[18:48] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): How many hours a day would you say you spend working where it concerns the club and the shops

[18:52] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I would put about 6-7 hours daily between putting the events in SL Events, Bloodlines Hunts, preparing the club for the event theme and spamming FB and SL.

[18:53] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Thats alot of time for prepping for a day. Does that include the times the events are running as well?

[18:55] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): Yes that includes the 2 to 3 hours for sets if the club is super packed with VIPS. I don’t like to cut the VIPS exactly at 2 hours that most sets are. I’ve been known to DJ up to 4 hours at set with full club.

[18:57] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): All the work you put in and the time you take the money it takes, what does that all translate to, or do for you knowing the blood sweat and tears you put in?

[19:01] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I don’t think of the money because sometimes the tips aren’t enough but the knowledge that the folks at the events are entertained and love hearing the songs they love to hear as many as they want to. Yes its blood sweat and tears but the satisfaction of entertaining folks makes up for it and the more folks love coming to BEC the more the word gets out. Its how I’ve done it for the past almost 9 years with BEC. The first time I DJ’d at BEC was a trial and I lasted 6 hours DJing with hardly any knowledge of what I was getting into but I loved it.

[19:02] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): Now because of that time I put in its why I get asked to DJ at Fashion shows and Charities.

[19:02] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): Thats awesome. So really all in all, this place keeps on ticking becauses the VIPs, the people keep you going. What would you like to say to the VIPs that will end up reading this?

[19:07] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): I would love to say to the VIPs of The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club, Thank you for coming to the events and making it what it is, FUN. To those that have been coming the the club since it opened and that is a hand full, I want to personally thank more for you’ve seen the success of the club. No club is what it is without its VIPS and I personally invite each of your readers to come and see it for yourselves. Its an experience in its own especially when you put Midnight and see the BUTTERFLIES come to life.

[19:09] -Bᴇᴎᴊɨ Яᴧɢᴇ- (baels.rage): And what are the times that the club is open?

[19:11] MЯƧ. ᄂΛDYD BΣΛЦЯΣGΛЯD-BΛЯBӨƧΛ (ladyd6959.meistrich): Mondays thru Thursdays 6-8P SLT and Fridays & Saturdays 2-4P and 6-8P SLT. Sunday is off to all.

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  • Freddy

    As a proud member of this club, I just wanted to say that LadyD has done nothing but provide a happy and safe environment for ANYONE to come party, chat, and make friends ^^ It pleases me to say that I have never felt more welcomed and comfortable in any other club than I do in BEC. You NEVER have to worry about trolls, haters, griefers, drama llamas, or any other creepy crawlies when you’re in this club – it is the very definition of the term “safe space”. Like a lioness protects her cubs, so does LadyD and her husband Teddy watch over all those in our group. If you’re a new group member or are thinking of joining the group, please do not hesitate to come party with us – contrary to that “lion” comment just then, I assure you we don’t bite!