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DJ BigTime Trouble

BigTime Style!

So most the time i’m a little pickey when it comes to DJs on the grid.  I like to hear fresh, new, clean sounds, beats that will make your ass bounce in the chair and bass that will vibrate passed the inner ear to give my brain that euphoric feeling all while it continues to build and raise the energy til it has to come out somewhere.  Don’t relate that last part to sex! Perverts.

I found it. I was recommended to check him out. I was told he was a good DJ. BigTime live mixes and does whatever comes to mind and runs with it. So i was thinking and i can relate to that. I like to do that. So fuck it i asked for them to TP us.. It so happens we crash his birthday party! Not only that, He wants to spin at his own party! Well im down, so i kick up a dance and start movin pixels around and when he is getting setup.. few moments later.. “HOLY SHIT” is really all i could think at the given moment. He was putting shit together like a surgeon stitching a person back together from the inside out! Fucking killer. Bass is rumbling my monitor off my desk, Hip hop beats destroying anything in there path like NUKE had just been set off in front of me.  Melody and hooks sliding in like a ninja and assassinating everything they could get into..

Needless to say i was impressed… a little… but then, but then…. he started going old school. Funky funky funky.. Im a sucker for it.. He mixed it in with the hip hop and whatever else he could. Rock hooks and guitar intros shredding shit til it was nothing but dust.  I knew right then we had to write a review. Of course its his birthday and didn’t want to be a prick. So i messaged him anyways as polite as i could be!  We talked a bit after he was done. Big was down to earth, seeming as to be just another person. He had love for everyone and every kind of music(except yukalaylee) there was.  He could mix it all and you can IM him and he talks to you like ya’ll have known each other your whole lives.  He puts in the time on the decks. BigTime Trouble puts in 20 – 32 sets a week, each average set lasts 2 hrs. 18 of those sets are static meaning they are constant. He doesn’t have days off just hours off.  Math Time Motherfuckers! that’s 40-64 hrs a week on the decks.  He’s been DJing for 15 months and only live mixing for 8 of those 15.. fucking really. Think how he is going to be after 3 yrs or 5 yrs.. in front tons of people. Spinning in the hottest clubs in the world. There is no limit that i can see as to what he can do. He inspires me. I play on my decks a lot but since listening to him, i have spent far more time on them, Even entered a DJ battle. This guy will make you believe in it all again.

 So lets recap shall we.

He can burn anything he can twirl on a deck, Litterally puts shit on fire.

Hes cool dude. everyday conversation. Loves to sit down and talk.

Willing make friends left and right.

Works harder than any other DJ i know on SL.

Did i mention he destroys any kind of genre label you want to attach to him.  So I decided to give him his own.. not official or anything.. but i call it BigTime Style.

As for only Djing on SL for such a short amount of time he has already got some awards under his belt along with multiple Battle wins!

2016 Soul Train’s Best New DJ award

Won Multiple DJ battles @ Tasty Pleasure and Baileys

2017 was Honorary Mention for Black Excellence for his DJing

Jan 2017 Biggest Urban Battle on the Grid, Fight Night. Highly Contested 2nd place ** Note about this.  Even though everyone believed he should of won including other DJs in the battle and the people there, This put him in the spot light because of the controversy regarding what happened that night, In his words “in the grand scheme of things this worked out really well and i’m very proud of that”**

He has Big aspirations to do this for a career out of SL. He keeps with the way he is going that is most likely what will happen in the long run! He does amazing work and spins awesome music and we hope that is a dream that comes true!

BigTime may not always durring a set or even through the day get to everyone that messages him, During our interview which was only an hr long he had 99+ messages every 15 to thirty minutes, So if he is a bit slow to get back to you don’t worry he will get around to it.

His management works just as hard as he does.
ღ Ȼottoη Ȼaηdy Ȼoutuяe™ღ (maraya.svoboda)

She puts together his sets and works his schedule. Good chance if you aren’t able to get a hold of BigTime him self you will be able to get back to her. Big props to her for putting in just as many hrs as Big!

He’s an awesome DJ and had a lot of great things to say about the people and fans that have helped him get to where he is right now.

 Of Course ღ Ȼottoη Ȼaηdy Ȼoutuяe™ღ (maraya.svoboda) gets a big shout. Irreplaceable is what he called her! He said if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be doing what he does! She once asked him to mix three songs together and gave him the name of the songs and wanted them mixed together. He hadn’t used more than two decks at that point mixing one song half way though the other and he tried it with her pushing for him to do more and then the Mix Master BigTime Trouble roared! He got so excited that it happened and he credits her a lot with how he spins more!

Another Huge Mention was DJ BlackCinder, he owns Miami Ice and Chicago Radio Live. BigTime’s Mentor and long time friend. Has shown him techniques and things to apply to his DJing to really make him shine and also gave him some of the best advice i think we can all use when it comes to DJing.  “Play what you feel”.

Big Mention to his Frat as well Theta Pi Xi, great group of guys! Lots of DJs and talented people in that frat so make sure you look em up!!

On a last note Big had some advice to all the aspiring DJs that are on SL.. when you first start out you may only have a few people, a club owner or a friend or two. Don’t let that discourage you. Its going to happen.  Can’t give up.  Its only progress.

This guy is real and an amazing and aspiring DJ,  Loves to have a good time, Might curse a bit much but fuck it, we all do from time to time. Hes good people, Kills anything that comes his way concerning mixing some awesome tunes. He is a must see! Absolutely must see!

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