Dance Clubs

The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club can be found HERE So The BUTTERFLY EFFECT Club is an interesting place. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer places on the grid but it doesn’t really need them either.  What happens here is very much like magic of sorts. […]


The Vortex Can be Found HERE So this is something I got myself into while looking for DJs to Review. DJ Nova commented on Facebook about something or another.  We spoke for a bit and she had a set coming up and I was ready and posed to check it […]

The Vortex

Can Be found HERE This is fucking fresh.  Its like walking into an old ballroom or Fancy theater that someone has taken over and setup the real deal in.  You almost feel as if you and your friends are at some underground club that gets set up and moved from […]

Club Zero

Found in world Here UPDATED 4/4/2017 Club has had a rebuild  done to it check it out!! The new build will be dropped 4/7/2017!!!! Owners – ϮŦǿχιc Ĉȧȵƌȳ ɮօօʐɛʀ ŠҚĄԼԼϮ (shaylynn1),   Ϯ ҲĄҚҚ ŠҚĄԼԼ Ϯ (xakk.skall),  DJ Bean (beanstatus) This one should be as simple as 2+2=4 buts its not! This is […]

Exhale Dance Club

Well, Hello again everyone, Today we will be talking very little about a place called Moonlight Bayz Can be found HERE Was an interesting little place.  Reason we will be calling it interesting is because that’s what it was. First off i did not get a chance to have the […]

Moonlight Bayz

The Rhythm Factory (click HERE for URL) Recommended to me by one of my daughters, This little gem is pleasant in the feel of what they have going here.  It’s hard to say if its a place for everyone but its enough to say that its worth finding out. They […]

The Rhythm Factory

So I took a bit of time to beef up my FB audience.  It just so happened that i got  an invite to a group for Energy Club.  Of course what else was i going to do… Check it the fuck out, Right? Located on a sim called “Energy” which […]

Energy Club

Club SoHo So i took a little time and went out for a bit. I have a friend who works at Club SoHo. You can find it here.   Its a nice place and the few times i went before were not during business hours(I was looking for Dj Applications). […]

Club SoHo

This first review I decided to do was because it was inspirational. Not only did it hit home with me but also made a lot of sense. Rajun Cajun is the work of ΉΛƧΉ DΛЯΚƧIDΣЯ(HashbrownYoda). Its a sanctuary of sorts for club goers on SL who have made those friends in […]

Rajun Cajun