Welcome to the World of Panda Tron. DJ pAnDa TrOn (pandarav3r) Now lets start with the cute Panda appearance. Don’t be fooled, He may be cuddly cute but he’s a fucking monster chef when it comes to a live mix.  Chopping ingredients, slicing and dicing up all the things you […]

DJ Panda Tron

DJ BigTime Trouble BigTime Style! So most the time i’m a little pickey when it comes to DJs on the grid.  I like to hear fresh, new, clean sounds, beats that will make your ass bounce in the chair and bass that will vibrate passed the inner ear to give […]

DJ BigTime Trouble

DJane Karole Batista It’s been a busy day here at RageReview.  Lots of great things happening and one of those is DJane Karole Batista. I had the pleasure of joining her at one of her sets.  Lets just say i was extremely entertained.  Live mixing from Europe, she put out […]

Dj Karole Batista