Club SoHo So i took a little time and went out for a bit. I have a friend who works at Club SoHo. You can find it here.   Its a nice place and the few times i went before were not during business hours(I was looking for Dj Applications). […]

Club SoHo

This first review I decided to do was because it was inspirational. Not only did it hit home with me but also made a lot of sense. Rajun Cajun is the work of ΉΛƧΉ DΛЯΚƧIDΣЯ(HashbrownYoda). Its a sanctuary of sorts for club goers on SL who have made those friends in […]

Rajun Cajun

So the idea behind this site will give reviews and opinions on some of the sims on the grid in SecondLife!  Looking to do clubs(from dance and music to escort and sex with everything in between), event sims, riding tracks(for bike and car) , exploration sims, chat hubs!   Will […]

Working on it!